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[1.9.4] Where would I find the MCP "conf" dir?


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Hello again, folks!


   I have recently "made the jump" from modding MC 1.8 to MC 1.9.4, and by now I'm finding this version very refreshing (compared to 1.8, that is)! I had learned a TON of stuff from my time spent on 1.8, and a lot of it transferred well to 1.9.4.


   Recently, I have begun to "test" my mod in use with other mods, to check for problems  with compatibility, etc., and for the most part, this has gone quite well.  Today, however, I hit a "brick wall", so to speak - I attempted to include a mod which had a "library mod" as a dependency (specifically, the Translocator mod for 1.9.4 by CodeChicken (I think that's his handle, anyhow :-}


   The Translocator mod apparently requires the "CodeChickenCore" mod to work properly, so I also included that in the /mods/1.9.4/ folder. I first tried this in the "normal" Minecraft environment (that is, NOT the Eclipse "modding" environment...). Everything worked as expected.., and so I expected no problems moving the mod (both Translocator and CodeChickenCore) into the Eclipse modding environment's /mods/1.9.4/ folder.


   When I tried to run the code, though, I was quite surprised when several windows popped up during the initialization, one of which was asking me to (quote) "Select an mcp conf dir for the deobfuscator", while the other one told me I that it was experiencing difficulties downloading the "CodeChickenLib-1.9.4-", and that I should try to download the file myself. It was even kind enough to provide a link to the aforementioned missing file. However, upon clicking on this link, I soon discovered that it was invalid! But, like a

 trooper, I went on a Google search, and although I was able to find several sources for a file named "CodeChickenLib-1.9.4-", I was sadly unable to find the "dev" version of that file :-{


   So, now I was left with a dilemma - I needed to try and figure out just what the heck that window asking for the "mcp conf dir" was all about...; I had never even heard of such a thing before! So, once again like a diligent trooper, I went on a Google quest in an attempt to find out all I could about this "pop up", and what I needed to do in relation to it. What I found was mostly out-of-date info. telling you where you could find what was expected by going to Users/[$USER-NAME]/.gradle/cache/.../.../.../, looking to eventually find a folder named 

"unpacked", and in that folder one named "conf", and within you would find files with names such as "methods.csv", "fields.csv" & "joined.srg" (well, something along those lines, anyways!). However, in a related post, I soon discovered that as of 1.9.4 this "/unpacked" folder no longer existed, and at that point, the trail grew cold! I now had seemingly no where else to turn !


   I could really use a bit of help sorting out some of this, as it is really very new to me, and I'm sure I will need to understand this a lot more as I progress in my MC modding. Some of the things I would like to know are a: Why does the mod work properly in the "normal" Minecraft environment, properly downloading the file "CodeChickenLib-1.9.4-" and storing it in the .minecraft/mods/1.9.4/ folder like it is supposed to, but when it tries to run under Eclipse, it INSTEAD needs to download a DIFFERENT, "dev" version of the "CodeChickenLib" library (which is no longer present at the specified url...)? b: Where (in the 1.9.4 Minecraft world) is the "mcp conf dir for the deobfuscator" to be found? I have not been able to find any answers on the 'net. I have to assume that there actually IS such a beast, but I have been through the entire .gradle folder tree, and nothing "stood out" as that which the pop-up was looking for... c) I know it's not your problem, but why do you suppose that a file such as the "CodeChickenLib-1.9.4-" is not kept in the same location(s) as  the "universal" format of the file? I mean, since it has obviously been removed from the linked URL, how else is the user of the mod within a development environment supposed to find the thing?


   I know WHY some mods require "library" mods as dependencies; what I don't understand is why one needs a "dev" version specifically for a development environment? Is this necessary for ALL mods that have "library mod" dependencies? Where can I read more about this topic, as well as about the "mcp conf dir"?


   Thanks for any and all help in advance!



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Thanks for your input; I most certainly respect your opinion on this, as (after all) you ARE the "Forge Code" god!


   My reasons for moving "up" the versions of MC + Forge are really too varied and esoteric for me to go into here, within the space of this forum; suffice it to say that I have many reasons, and they DO make sense to me. I will most certainly arrive on the 1.11.2 MC modding platform eventually! For now, what I am trying to do is ascertain just what mods I WANT to use are actually available for which versions of Minecraft, and THEN I begin to not only RUN that version of MC + Forge (and all the "bells and whistles", such as LiteLoader, OptiFine, etc.)), but I also begin learning to mod for that version as well, so that, in the end, MY mods complement those that I am already using while playing.


   I started out with MC 1.6.4, with absolutely NO ideas about doing my own mods; then I moved up the list from 1.7.2 to 1.7.10, at which point I knew I wanted to begin modding for my own mod. I only actually began modding for MC 1.8 around 3 - 4 months ago, and have enjoyed the "ride" immensely, troubles trials and tribulations notwithstanding! I only made the "jump" to 1.9.4 after much soul-searching, as each and every time I change MC versions, I seem to lose one or more of my all-time fav mods!!! This is an extremely depressing situation that I do not enjoy at all; however, I know I need to move on eventually. So, yeah, I will EVENTUALLY work on MC 1.11.2, but NOT until I've gotten as far as I can go with 1.9.4 (as I have just done with 1.8...). I am doing it simply for the fun of it anyways, and wouldn't even dream of trying to make money at it or anything!


   I simply wanted to know if there was something I needed to do in order to run a mod that relied on a seperate secondary mod (such as a library) from within the Eclipse environ. As you have quite clearly stated, I shouldn't be running ChickenBones mods anyways, but that still doesn't tell me how I might set up the conf. dir for mcp. Is this even "a thing" in 1.9.4, and, if so, what is it all about? That's what I need :-}


   Again, thanks for your input! I am very glad to have finally gotten a response from the famous LexManos, and I DO love Minecraft, Forge and modding!!! Thanks for the BEST TOOL (Forge) a modder could ask for!



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