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Help compressing code with a method


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This might be a relatively newbie question, but is there a way that I can "compress" my code by making the list of all my declarations into a singular method?  What I'm talking about is taking all of this:



public static CiTSTab CiTSTab;


public static Block AFurnace;

public static Block ABench;

public static Block AChest;


public static Item Toolbox;

public static Item ConstructGun;

public static Item Multitool;


public static Item RazorDisk;

public static Item BevelGear;

public static Item MetalPlate;

public static Item LED;

public static Item Circuitboard;

public static Item Wire;




and putting it into a method.

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You could group the statements together like this I believe:


public static Block AFurnace, ABench, AChest;

   public static Item Toolbox, ConstructGun, Multitool;
   public static Item RazorDisk, BevelGear, MetalPlate, Item LED, Circuitboard,Wire;


If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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