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Hey guys just wondering what the code is for making my mob pick up items off the ground and what the code would be for my mob to spawn holding an item (I want it to spawn holding a sword). Any help will be appreciated.


P.S. I was also wondering if someone would explain what each section of the setRotationAngles does (what angle does it change):



 super.setRotationAngles(par1, par2, par3, par4, par5, par6, par7Entity);
          float var8 = MathHelper.sin(this.onGround * (float)Math.PI);
          float var9 = MathHelper.sin((1.0F - (1.0F - this.onGround) * (1.0F - this.onGround)) * (float)Math.PI);
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleZ = 0.0F;
          this.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleZ = 0.0F;
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleY = -(0.1F - var8 * 0.6F);
          this.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleY = 0.1F - var8 * 0.6F;
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleX = -((float)Math.PI / 4F);
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleX -= var8 * 1.2F - var9 * 0.4F;
          this.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleX -= var8 * 1.2F - var9 * 0.4F;
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleZ += MathHelper.cos(par3 * 0.09F) * 0.05F + 0.05F;
          this.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleZ -= MathHelper.cos(par3 * 0.09F) * 0.05F + 0.05F;
          this.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleX += MathHelper.sin(par3 * 0.067F) * 0.05F;
          this.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleX -= MathHelper.sin(par3 * 0.067F) * 0.05F;



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Yeah i've tried that. Here is the code that I copied from the zombie but it still doesn't work. Can someone figure out what's wrong?


 public void initCreature()
 this.canPickUpLoot = true;
 this.setCurrentItemOrArmor(2, new ItemStack(Item.swordSteel));

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I'm working a lot of overtime this week so I doubt I can do it tonight but if you havent solved the pickup issue or someone else has found an good answer for ya, I will try to make a mob pickup items to test how it works.

Have you tried extending the zombie class? then you're mob should be able to do all that a zombie does including picking up items.

Movespeed and all such variables is possible to change for your mob, so it could work...



PS: About the rotation, go into techne and adjust rotation on the 3 sliders below the texture offset.

There you should be able to see the effect of adjusting the X, Y and Z angle's. :)


If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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Okay I tried that, still didn't fix it. It added more issues. My mobs act like zombies (on fire in sun, converting villagers). Then I decided to override those in my Entity file. But that just screwed everything up and still didn't fix it. So... You might have to look at the code, because I can't figure it out.

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