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[Solved]4x4 Crafting Matrix not registering


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Never mind fixed it. Thanks anyway.


Hey forge community, yet another problem from me.


So I've made a 4x4 crafting grid which on the most part works. Any crafting done within the 3x3 of the grid works.


Here's the problem. Any crafting recipe utilizing the extra slots on the right most or bottom most slots (including shapeless 1 slot recipes) will not work. Even if I add a 3x3 recipe in the 3x3 part of the grid then add a block to the extension, the 3x3 will still show up, leaving me with the impression that the slots simply aren't being read to. I've struggled to find the problem for the past few days and attempted to fix it numerous times by reading through the code or looking for the rare similar problem over the net, but they are generally shots in the dark - logically speaking I can't find any interference with the 4x4. I'll post what code I have though I don't know if the problem actually resides in the custom classes.




I gotta say, it's frustrating as hell asking for help like this but there's not a great deal of resources out there on this.

Thanks again in advance.

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