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Dynamic Music [1.11.2]


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I was wondering the feasibility of changing the music based on triggers such as when player is:

  • within a certain x,y, or z range.
  • in a particular dimension
  • being targeted by any mob
  • near a particular mob boss
  • in a feature such as an abandoned mineshaft
  • near a feature such as a witch hut
  • in a particular biome
  • near a particular block
  • under X hp
  • under a "roof"
  • riding a horse
  • swimming
  • it's nightime/daytime


I ask this because it's outside of my scope of knowledge which is limited to weapons, crops, and multi-blocks. I'm pretty sure most of it is possible and mostly concerned about being targeted and proximity to block, mob, structure, and dungeon but I thought I'd ask before spending few weeks trying to get it to work.

You don't need to point out what's wrong with the programmer. I already know. Now what's wrong with the code?

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