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[1.10.2+] [Solved] Help with BiomeProvider / ChunkProvider and Scale


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I've started working on a Climatic Biome Placement mod.  I've worked out how I want to determine general biome categories, and have written my own BiomeProvider prototype.  I don't want to modify the ChunkProvider since I want the actual terrain to look vanilla, I just want to change the biome placement.


So far it is placing biomes, but the scale seems to be way off.  I found and re-written two methods that are called by the ChunkProvider, getBiomesForGeneration (returning an array containing 10x10 biomes) and getBiomes (returning and array of 16x16 biomes).  I'm pretty sure that getBiomes gives the biome array for blocks in a chunk, and that getBiomesForGeneration returns biomes for chunks on a lower resolution scale to be averages in smoothing terrain generation between biomes.  However, I'm having trouble working out the actual scale that getBiomesForGeneration uses, and it seems to involves some displacement relative to getBiomes (I'm assuming the x and z parameters are chunk coordinates for both).  However, I'm having trouble getting the terrain generation to line up with the biome placement.  In addition, I've found that my biomes are much smaller than they should be, based on testing the same system in a visualization tool I created.


I'm working on cracking what the ChunkProvider actually expects from its calls to getBiomeForGeneration.  However, before I drive myself insane reinventing the wheel I'd like to know if any here who has figured this out would like to share,  So if anyone has any useful information or insight into this I'd love to here it.




(P.S.: The mods code is at https://github.com/BlackJar72/ClimaticBiomePlacement if anyone would like to look, though I don't think any specific part is directly relevant to this fairly general question.)


EDIT: I have figured out that getBiomes needs its coords divided by 16 (apparently they're block coordinates, not chunk coordinates).  I think getBiomesForGeneration uses scale of four blocks, and maybe a displacement of (blocks?  or units of four, making 8 blocks).  This still gives a lot of weird anomolies, like  wall, repeats of patterns, etc.  I know getBiomesForGeneration gives its data to a method that helps to produce height maps -- I just need to figure out what data its (scale, format) supposed to be sending so I can make my biome data fit, and still haven't get that (so still open to hints or suggestion from anyone who make have figured it out).

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Sorry to have bothered everyone.  After struggling with it all night I seem to have figured it out.  This works:


     * Returns an array of biomes for the location input.
    public Biome[] getBiomesForGeneration(Biome[] biomes, int x, int z, int width, int height) {
    	ChunkTile[] chunks = finder.makeChunk((x / 4), (z / 4) + 1);
    	System.err.println(((x / 4)) + ", " + ((z / 4) + 1));
    	biomes = new Biome[chunks.length];
    	for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) 
    		for(int j = 0; j < 10; j++) {
    			biomes[(j * 10) + i] 
    					= Biome.getBiome(chunks[(((j / 4) + 3) * 10) + (i  / 4) + 3]
    							.getBiome(), Biomes.DEFAULT); 
        return biomes;

     * checks given Chunk's Biomes against List of allowed ones
    public boolean areBiomesViable(int x, int z, int radius, List<Biome> allowed) {
        //return allowed.contains(test2) || allowed.contains(test);
    	return true;

     * Gets a list of biomes for the specified blocks.
    public Biome[] getBiomes(@Nullable Biome[] in, int x, int z, int width, int depth, boolean cacheFlag) {
        if (in == null || in.length < width * depth) {
            in = new Biome[width * depth];

    	System.err.println(((x / 16)) + ", " + ((z / 16)));
        Biome biome = Biome.getBiome(finder.makeChunk((x / 16), (z / 16))[33].getBiome());
        Arrays.fill(in, 0, width * depth, biome);
        return in;



I needed to keep the getBiomeForGeneration 4 times bigger, and it needed to be displaced by 3 (not two!) to have it consider most of the bordering chunks and all the the chunk in question.  I then needed to displace the output for getBiome by 3 (not twelve?!) to compensate.  This gets everything to the right scale and lines up the biomes with the correct terrain pretty well for the most part.  (Now I just have to stop structures for appearing  in all the wrong biomes.)

Developer of Doomlike Dungeons.

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I hear ya, I been working on learning what everything does in world generation for literally years now and am still learning, but I can possibly lend a hand if you ever need any questions.  The real break though for me came when I learned what all the GenLayer classes do and how to use them to customize the entire world gen process.   For example if you want biomes to be different sizes and how they connect to each other etc etc.  It is pretty fun messing around with it.

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