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Generating new world


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Hi, i'm doing a school project regarding terrain generation in minecraft and i'm having some problems.


I already managed to generate structures ingame but i also need to override minecraft generation to generate the entire world and i can't figure out how.

I know that i can create a new dimension to generate my world but i really would like to do it in the overworld if possible.


How can i achieve that?


Thank you. 

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Thank you very much it worked.

But now i have another question...


I looked into the ChunkProvider and i noticed two methods to generate terrain :


The first one is to create an array of bytes and send it to this method

public Chunk(World world, byte[] ids, byte[] metadata, int chunkX, int chunkZ)


Wich doesn't seem too complicated



The second is (i think) to generate the terrain data after creating the chunk like this


// Generate extended block storage
                for (int y=0; y<16; y++) {
                        chunk.getBlockStorageArray()[y] = new ExtendedBlockStorage(y << 4, true);
                // Generate 16x16 square of grass blocks at y value of 63.
                for (int x=0; x<16; x++) {
                        for (int z=0; z<16; z++) {
                                chunk.getBlockStorageArray()[3].setExtBlockID(x, 15/*y*/, z, Block.grass.blockID);


i don't really understand how it works but it does


Which one is the best to use?

Thanks again.

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