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Overriding Vanilla Structure Generation


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I've tried to figure this out on my own, but I'm stuck. No tutorials really exist on Forge's terrain generation capabilities.  :-\


I'm currently working on a mod that is based around changing the way Villages generate. I know mods like Millenaire currently do this, so I'm guessing it's possible. I see the TerrainGen getModdedMapGen() hook, but I'm not getting how to make use of it. Do I have to make my own MapGenerator from scratch? I don't need to change everything about how the overworld generates. How would I tell the TerrainGen code to use my MapGen, anyway?


My ultimate goal: I do not want Vanilla Villages spawning at all, but rather, my own improved Villages. They will have modified conditions for spawning, as well. Aside from that, no changes need to be made to the Vanilla generation. How would I best go about accomplishing this, preferably without making base class edits?



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easiest way is to declare a new worldtype in post init you can also override default, when you declare the worldtype you link to a custom worldtype.class where you can specify a custom ChunkProviderGenerate which is the file you want to look at for most generation


public void postinitConfig(FMLPostInitializationEvent fmlpostinitializationevent)
	WorldType DEFAULT = new WorldTypeCustom(0, "Default");	



then have WorldTypeCustom extend WorldType and add this


    public IChunkProvider getChunkGenerator(World world, String generatorOptions)
        return (this == FLAT ? new ChunkProviderFlat(world, world.getSeed(), world.getWorldInfo().isMapFeaturesEnabled(), generatorOptions) : new ChunkProviderCustom(world, world.getSeed(), world.getWorldInfo().isMapFeaturesEnabled()));


Copy the vanilla ChunkProviderGenerate into new classs ChunkProviderCustom and start tweaking

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That may work to accomplish what I want to do, but wouldn't that potentially cause problems with other mods that change parts of terrain gen? There may be something behind the scenes that would fix that, but if so, I'm not seeing it. I'd like this mod to be as compatible with other mods as possible. I realize it won't be compatible with mods like Millenaire for obvious reasons, but I'd like it to work with RedPower or Thaumcraft. Mods that do their own world gen, but not Village generation.

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