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Timers,Biomes,and Music Disks(oh my!)


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So other than the cheesy title, I would like to ask a three part question on some things I am having trouble with.




Timers: Are they done differently since the client/server merge? For an example, I have a timer that sets eggs to hatch after so many ticks. I figured it would be fine since it is saved as an NBT, but sadly that was not the case. Would this be a good time to invest in a datawatcher, or is there perhaps another problem that I could be having?


The code is just a simple bit in onUpdate()


public void onUpdate()



    if(hatchTime>= 80)






Biomes is more of a general question.

I was looking through the code to see if I could find how mushroom islands were generated, but couldn't quite find it in any of the biome files.


Is there a special way to make a biome that is not connected to the mainland?  And if islands are possible, would floating biomes and underground biomes also be plausible using the same logic?



Music Disks I would just like to see if there are some general pointers on.


I remember reading that Forge has a way to implement music files, and I was just looking for more information on how to do that.

Also, do .mp3s work, or is there a special format?

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i only now the answer to the biome one which is in the GenLayer file so yes if you made a custom GenLayer you could make floating islands and underground biomes but i don't know how to implement the new genlayeer without a dimension or changing base classes.

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Not sure what you mean, as I can build a timer into an entity and it works with multiple instances (as in each one has a unique timer). To keep the timer in it's state, however, you would need the NBT tagging. (And ofc to have it for both server and client you need to datawatcher the value, but doing that with timers is a poor idea and should instead be done with what happens when the timer expires)

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