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Ore standard


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Although the ore dictionary was a fantastic breakthrough; it hasn't achieved all that it should have done, configs still have to be changed to make mods that add the same ores to work particularly well together (ie: to prevent cases where there are 3 different kinds of copper ore, all with different textures (also a pain for texturepack makers!)); so I began thinking about ways to work around this, coming to something very simple; the Ore standard.


It would be a mod that does little to nothing on it's own, however other mods can tell it to (for example) enable copper generation, and it would do as expected, it could also include other things that may not be worldgen, such as steel and bronze using the same sort of system, allowing mods to enable the item with no recipe, with the in-built recipe, or to force disable the recipe (eg: so railcraft could disable making steel using coal and iron, so players would have to use the blast furnace). however to allow for special cases, ore generation and recipes should be able to be enabled via a config file (eg: so you can have all metal generation for things that may not be enabled by any mods, eg; for thaumcraft aspects). Of course ore rarities could be set up to be dynamic, so the more mods requesting an ore, the more common it could be, but if a mod requests that it be more rare (eg: by passing a lower value into the ore request function) it may reduce the ore generated, (details obviously variable)


And as an added bonus a small feature that I have been trying to push for for a while could be implemented to be enableable in the configs; metals being affected by fortune, (making it drop ore items rather than blocks obviously)

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