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1.10.2 Using CustomNPCs across games


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Is it possible to create NPCs and use them across games? For example, if I make an NPC how can I spawn them in a new game? My guess is that maybe one way is to copy the files from one save to another? I would like to create a ModPack with the predefined NPCs that would be available in new (random seed not mapsaved) games.


Thank you for any support.

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I've just discovered that the Clone tool displays the NPCs from the global tabs - so I can spawn them in new saves manually this way. But, what about the command (or a script)? The clone command (like: /noppes clone spawn NPCname 1 ) seems to use only the tabs from the save game location, can I refer a global tab in the clone command (like the clone tool can)?

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I really like your idea. There are two different ways to "store" clones - server- and clientsided. The client-sided (located in .minecraft/customnpcs/clones/) can be used in every world, but I don't believe they're accessable by scripts. On the other hand the server-sided clones (located in .minecraft/saves/yourWorldName/customnpcs/clones/) are accessable by scripts, but you need to copy them to the folder every time a new world is generated. The NPCName.json files contains even the scripts of the NPCs.

It could be possible to copy the clone-files automatically at generating a new world with a little self-written mod, including the clones you want to copy. Unfortunatly I have no notion about Java or modding Minecraft.


I think, the best way to let these clones spawn, are player-bound scripts (that should be the .minecraft/saves/yourWorldName/customnpcs/scripts/player_scripts.json file). This file has to be copied everytime at world-generation, too (at best by the self-written mod).


I hope, I could help you.



Edit: Even if it wouldn't be necessary I highly recommend you to write a little mod to copy the clones and the playerscripts. Anyone could mess up his whole installation of your modpack simply by editing, overwriting or deleting the client-sided clones with the CustomNPCs-tools. To fix this he would have to reinstall the modpack.

But if you store the clones in a mod and copy them every time a world is generating, he would only mess up one world, and not the whole modpack-installation. Maybe you can even implement a chat-command to overwrite the (messed up) clones with the default ones.

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I am also not a mod creator, but, since I do some programming maybe I will get my hands dirty at some point :) However, at the moment, I am dealing with a lot of other stuff, trying to configure a modpack to my own taste so creating a mod will come a bit later down the line. For now, if anyone stumbles on this topic and is happy to create a mod for this I believe it would help modpack makers to consider Custom NPCs in their packs.

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