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[1.4.7] (SMP) SleepyTime 0.5.4 - a sleep notification mod


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Inspired by bukkit mods of the past, SleepyTime is a lightweight sleep notification mod that announces to other players in the world when they hop in bed. We utilize this mod on our internal server and decided it was time to share it with the community.


Curent Version:

0.5.4 for Minecraft 1.4.7



Forge or greater








Ad.fly link (Thank you for supporting)


Visit our development blog for an ad-free download at:





Installation (Client and Server):


Install Forge or greater on both client and server (required).


Download the zip file and install on both server and client mods folder (please don't extract, leave as zip)

Play and Enjoy!




Known Issues / FAQ:


- Some mods may conflict with accuracy of SleepyTime.

- High speed sprinting/flying while right clicking to enter bed will sometimes cause player's bed status to not announce. This can be fixed by exiting the bed, and re-entering.

- Sleeping message still announces if monsters are nearby.


These are currently being worked on for next version.


If you find any other issues, please send a PM my way, or leave a comment on our dev blog. This is our first public release and we're happy to receive feedback or fix any bugs found.



Is this mod compatible for SMP?


Of course it is, it'd be useless in SSP.



Features To-do:


- Idle time monitoring (automatically notify the server when a player is AFK)

- Config options

- Admin control and permissions



Thanks to the gameroast.com crew:

Ecto, Ezekiel, Nimh, and all others involved.


Visit our dev blog to see any updates, and new announcements:


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