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[1.2.5] Illusive Creeper mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 client and server


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Man, I got really tired of always trying to keep my stuff safe from creepers in a survival mode world, single or multiplayer. It seems like the best you can do is a well lit area to keep them from spawning. This works most of the time to keep them out of my buildings and such. So what about areas where you can't keep them away?

You've got your Redpower mod stuff going on some project which took a lot of time to collect and assemble. Along comes some creeper and BOOM, all that work is gone and the only way to replace it is to gather those materials and assmble the stuff all over again.

At first all I wanted to do was revenge in MCP, get even with the evil things,when I started to play with the functions a bit.


Now what I have is a fast moving creature, which tries to run away and hide, if he sees you first from 20 blocks away. A bit of stealth and a bow and arrow are required to bring this illusive creature down. He drops 6 gunpowder items for your efforts.

Caution: if he gets cornered too close to you the creeper can still blow up! I left the wander function in so keep your doors closed or you will still have an explosion problem inside your buildings. hah

Now hunting at night can be fun, but other mobs will still sneak up on you if you let them.

Please find the attachments below for client and server.

This is an internal mod but Overmind DL1 is teaching me how to convert it to an external mod so expect an update soon.

This was editted with Eclipse on MCP 6.2 with Minecrat 1.2.5 and Forge 3.3 7 installed.

Tested on vanilla Minecraft 1.2.5  with Forge 3.3.7 and NEI 1.2.2 installed, outside the MCP enviroment.


All modifications were done without changing any class names in vanilla  source code and should be compatible with a vanilla Minecraft 1.2.5 for now until it is converted to an external mod that uses Forge/FML.


If anyone needs install instructions for an internal mod I will be glad to provide them, but install is accomplished the same way as Forge in both client and server.

You just unzip the file and place the class file inside Minecraft.jar.


You have to be logged in to see the attachments, which are a faster download.

However, if that is too inconvenient for you here is a direct download.





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