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Was working but not now..


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Sorry I dont understand much of what im trying to do.

Ive reinstalled Minecraft and dragged over his saved games and texture packs, but im not even sure if im downloading Forge correctly and putting it in the right place, is there a download guide sorta SIMPLE step by step thing?

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Yes, if you know how to fucking LOOK!


Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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Ok so deleted all the minecraft stuff and starting fresh.


Downloaded minecraft for windows, put the icon on the desktop, started it to get the updates etc.




'•Download the recommented universal build (or the latest if the recommented doesn't work for you, but NOT the source!) from here: LINK

•Open that archive with an archiver. I recommend 7zip.

•Open your minecraft.jar in your .minecraft/bin directory with your chosen archiver (7zip)

•Copy all files from the downloaded forge package into the minecraft.jar

•Do not delete your META_INF in your minecraft.jar (anymore), Instead, go into the META_INF and delete only the files which begin with MOJANG! Leave the rest untouched. If there aren't such files, then leave it be. If it's crashing and you've downloaded the needed libraries, then delete the META-INF!

•Close all open archiver windows and start your Minecraft client once. Forge needs to download some libraries and will set up the environment the first time. If you don't have an internet connection or it's really bad at the time (or it crashes / blackscreens at the start), go to the point "Download and install needed libraries".

•After it has been set up by Forge, close your Minecraft. It is now ready for Forge / FML mods (ModLoader mods, too)!'



ok im at step 4 'Copy all files from the downloaded forge package into the minecraft.jar' and when I choose the 7zip option to copy them into the minecraft.jar it says "operation is not supported" so if its not going to work that way how is it suppost to work? Am I suppost to extract both of them or? and if its extraction where are they suppost to be?


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You say you are on windows. Windows is called windows because it uses windows :P Make 2 7Zip windows (one displaying the Minecraft.jar, one displaying the Forge-zip file). Select all in the one with forge and drag the contents over with your mouse.

If you can't figure that out either use MultiMC or don't play minecraft. It's really not that hard.


Thanks, I got it, what threw me was the 'copy to' rather than copy/paste that you usually get.


Also its not me thats trying to play minecraft, I am trying to fix it for my son to play, who is very upset atm.  :-\

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