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[Any Version] Village Well Height


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Hello, I was wondering how Minecraft spawns well on ground level, as it is just spawned with minY = 64 and maxY = 78

Source from StructureVillagePieces.Well :

this.boundingBox = new StructureBoundingBox(x, 64, z, x + 6 - 1, 78, z + 6 - 1);


Does anyone have any idea about it ?

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Let me precise that my goal is to find the height without having access to world, because I need it in a function that doesn't take World as argument.


For now I do it like that (but as I said this does only work in functions that take World as parameter):

worldIn.getHeight(X, Z)


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1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

There is no way to get the height without having the world. How would you specify which dimension you want? What function are you talking about?

Well, if I could understand how it spawns, I could get it without world. I'm searching mostly for a function about villages (the well is the village start point but when i request start height it also tells me 64).. I found an other method to get it without world, with average ground level of village and then check for blocks but its a bit too tricky

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On 6/16/2017 at 0:06 PM, diesieben07 said:

I... what? What are you trying to achieve exactly?

I'm trying to embellish the well structure, and I didn't find an other way to achieve that than extending village to spawn my blocks on village spawn, then find the well and modify it.

This is how I get X and Z :

public static Welllus createPiece(StructureVillagePieces.Start start, int type, Random rand) {
        int x = start.getBoundingBox().minX;
        int z = start.getBoundingBox().minZ;
        EnumFacing facing = EnumFacing.EAST;
        StructureBoundingBox sbb = StructureBoundingBox.getComponentToAddBoundingBox(x, 64, z, 0, 0, 0, 4, 3, 4, facing);
        return new WellPlus(start, type, rand, sbb, facing);

I hope it is more clear now. The problem is I can get the Y position in addComponentParts, but it means I need to modify the bounding box previously created and it's not working properly that way (and not optimized either).


I call createPiece from my handler there :

    public Village buildComponent(PieceWeight villagePiece, Start startPiece, List<StructureComponent> pieces, Random random, int p1, int p2, int p3, EnumFacing facing, int p5) {
        return WellPlus.createPiece(startPiece, p5, random);


Note : Sorry if I'm not clear, english is my 3rd language

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