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forge disapeared then wont reinstall


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ok, this might be a little long so i pray you will read it all. i had tried to install forge many times before, and they all seemed to not work. well after about a few hours of looking around on the internet i found a cure that worked. i need the lib files. well i downloaded that and it worked. after a few days with forge installed i thought about trying to get more mods that everyone was talking about. so i downloaded optifine (the newest version) and installed it. it didnt take. there was no optifine. so i took it out of the mod folder and then decided to move on and try the Two Many Items mod. it also did not take. i was confused. Thaumcraft 3 went in fine no problems before i tried all this, but i could not figure out what was going on. so i looked it up online and saw that some people had to force update it to get it to work. so i put optifine and two many items back into the mod folder and forced updated minecraft. that is when things got interesting. forge disappeared. gone, with out a trace. no mod folder, nothing to do with forge was in my .minecraft file at all. so i backed up my saves to my desktop and deleted .minecraft file. then tried to reinstall forge. i openeed the minecraft jar and forge files deleted the meta file in minecrafat and dragged everything like i did before to get forge intstalled. everything went smootly excet the fact that forge didnt install. it did nothing. mincraft was still vanilla. played fine tho. just no forge. so i tried again. and again and again and again.... needles to say forge will not install. i have no files in my .minecraft folder relating to forge. nothing is working. please help. :(





ok after all of what i said i never gave up. and fixed my own problem. i had to do the file drop like normal. then go back and do the file drop again and instead of replacing the files i clicked update files. and then it worked.... im not sure what it did but it worked...

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