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Forge 13.20.1 Minecraft 1.11.2


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Forge Version: 1.11.2-

Minecraft Version: 1.11.2




This is mainly just a all around bug fixes and some new features for 1.11.2 that we are rolling up into a Recommended Build.

With 1.12's release, main development will now be switching to 1.12 so it's a good time to post an official release.

Development for 1.11.2 is still intended to continue, however that will be under Mezz's purview. For more information please refer to our new post regarding policies.


Minecraft Forge 13.20.1 Changelog:



  • Added new EnchantmetLevelSetEvent to control enchanting power
  • Added memory display to loading screen
  • Added hook to better control mob pathing behavior
  • Added hook to expose observer block events to modders
  • Added travis integration for better development.
  • Added some memory optimizations for model loading and animations
  • Improved performance related to constructing entities in world.
  • Added client config option to force all chunk rendering off the main thread. This may help FPS issues, but may also result in temporary world holes/rendering issues. Use at your own discretion.
  • Improved missing model rendering in game to better display which model is actually missing.
  • Added hook to allow modders to change what soil changes to when plants grow.
  • Added DifficultyChangeEvent
  • Added hook to allow respawning in more than the overworld.
  • Added detection for runaway chunk generation. See here for more info on runaway chunk generation.
  • Added automatic config gui system for annotation based config files.
  • Added LivingDestroyBlockEvent for controlling if some entities can destroy blocks
  • Added event to allow modders to control chat from the server.
  • Added new hook to allow modders to better control entity updates
  • Added new event to allow modders to control taming mechanics
  • Improved the error screen at startup, it will now show all the errors that happened if there is more then one.
  • Added hook for allowing custom triggers with client commands.
  • Added ItemFishedEvent to allow reacting to players fishing.
  • Changed custom entity selectors to a factory system
  • Added configurable delay when unloading dimensions. For users who create things that 'thrash' world loading.
  • Added new utilities for syncing registry objects over the network.
  • Added Capabilities support to Villages
  • Added new hooks to allow custom fishing rods.


Bug Fix:

  • Small memory optimization in Registries.
  • Fixed issue crafting specifically oak doors
  • Fixed TileEntities not having world set early enough
  • Fixed issues related to modid changes
  • Fixed vanilla rendering issue for NBSP character
  • Fixed ItemHandlerHelper canStack and ItemStack areTagsEqual methods not checking capabilities
  • Fixed runtime deobfuscation of lambda expressions
  • Fixed small lighting issues
  • Fixed vanila memory leak with textures.
  • Fixed ingredient count for ingot block recipes 
  • Fixed vanilla issue related to hoppers and brewing stands.
  • Major performance/bugfix rework of the BiomeDictionary
  • Fixed crash when servers misconfigure spawn radius.
  • Fixed @SideOnly not deleting lambads correctly.
  • Fixed extracted mods crash report file name for Windows
  • Fixed issue in TileEntity culling
  • Fixed logic for rotating some vanilla blocks.
  • Fixed issue where shears would take too much damage
  • Fixed particles not showing when shearing Mooshrooms
  • Fixed blocks dropping incorrect things when shearing.
  • Fixed rotation issue in some modded items when held.
  • Fixed flowers in world generation
  • Fixed crash related to entity construction
  • Fixed 'reset to defaults' button not working on some Forge config fields.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where items wouldn't render correctly before entering a world.
  • Fixed vanilla bug that caused TileEntities to render duplicates
  • Fixed duplicate achievements getting added to the achievement list
  • Fixed error when reading world info for old saves with missing dimensions.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where player reputations villages were reset on read.
  • Fixed blank tab in creative inventory when additional tabs evenly divisible by 10
  • Fixed vanilla missing break and sound particles.
  • Fixed breaking particles not rendering when connected to dedicated servers.
  • Fixed falling blocks not respecting TileEntities
  • Fixed issue related to rolling back block changes.
  • Fixed vanilla memory leak related to world generation.
  • Fixed crash when modders would ask for information outside of the max world bounds.
  • Fixed vanilla bug causing some entity items to disappear client side.
  • Fixed vanilla typo in Loot Table serialization.
  • Fixed vanilla memory leak in rendering
  • Fixed rendering glitches when two different fluids meet.
  • Fixed performance issue when modders attempt to deserialize empty ItemStacks
  • Fixed hopper interaction with block update detectors
  • Fixed Zombie Villagers not setting and getting professions correctly
  • Fixed coloring issue in the loading screen
  • Fixed issues where the 'random shift' on blocks was not rendered correctly.
  • Fixed vanilla performance issue related to mojang's profiling.
  • Fixed normals not being generated for models without normals.
  • Fixed vanilla head rendering issue when mounted on entities.
  • Fixed frost walker enchantment freezing modded fluids incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where fluids sometimes did not flow.
  • Fixed memory issue in lighting pipeline.
  • Fixed invalid argument o PlayerDestroyItemEvent
  • Fixed vanilla issue related to loading custom shaders
  • Fixed crash when modders hack into grass drop list -.-
  • Fixed vanilla crash related to player names.
  • Fixed ItemStackTransformer not applying at runtime.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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