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Taming any mob?!?!?!


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Hey guys im fairly new to modding I have made a few small mods that add items blocks ores etc. But now I want to tame say a skeleton or a slime. I tried extending slime to have tamable but that didn't work.

I have looked everywhere for a tutorial on something like this but they are all outdated and don't work.

Any help will be appreciated!!!!! 

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There is no tutorial for this kinds of stuff.

this is the place where tutorials ends and you get to use your knowledge of Java and forge to invent cool code, logic and working concepts! If you use the code already inn minecraft for wolfs and cats, combine that with a mastery of programming basics, and you should be able to figure out someway to do it yourself :)


If you can't I suggest you start working on some Java or other programming tutorials and lectures.

Good luck :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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