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All mobs are rendering the same animation


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Hopefully someone can help me here.


I have created a new MOB.

I have added code to it for custom animation.

The animation works fine, better than I expected actually.

But every single mob I spawn using my new model has the same animation sequence, and the more mobs I spawn the faster the animation runs.


I am new to modding Minecraft, but have about many years of development exp in a variety of languages.


Relevant Psudo Code from the model class


public void setLivingAnimations(EntityLiving par1EntityLiving, float par2, float par3, float par4)

public void DoAnimation()
double zChange = GetSomeRandomDouble();
arm1.rotateAngleZ = arm1.rotateAngleZ + (float)zChange;


Any help or explanation will be appreciated.

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