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[1.12] Creating recipes with multiple results.


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Hello everyone,

I am back to modding after some years of absence yay!

So lets get right back to business.


As of 1.12 recipes can (and should?) be created using json files. Some recipes however return multiple items, for example the cake recipe which yields an empty Bucket as well as a cake.

The cake.json recipe however contains no trace of this behaviour.

My best guess would be that it is achived by adding some code in the cake or milk item class, which I cannot do since the items used in the recipe are all vanilla items.


So here is my question: Is there an event I can use to return a second item when my recipe is being crafted?


Thanks in advance,


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Create a class that extends the IRecipe class you're currently using and then override IRecipe#getRemainingItems to return the remaining item for each slot. Use ForgeHooks.defaultRecipeGetRemainingItems to get the default remaining items for every slot or ForgeHooks.getContainerItem to get the default remaining item for a single slot.


Create a class that implements IRecipeFactory and parses your recipe from the provided JSON object. Specify this class in recipes/_factories.json. You can see the IRecipeFactory implementations for the Vanilla and Forge recipe classes in CraftingHelper.init.


In your recipe file, set the type property to "<modid>:<recipe_name>", where <modid> is your mod ID and <recipe_name> is the name you specified in recipes/_factories.json.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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