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[SOLVED] The Forge files server seems to be down for some of us

Joshua Stone

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Hey, it seems like the Forge files server is inaccessible to some of us. I say this because I can't even load the downloads page, but it seems to load from some people. I even tried installing a Forge version that I already had and it was unable to download the necessary files. It's been doing this for the past few days; and from the looks of it, some recent posts on this forum seem to be related to the same issue.



So hopefully this can be resolved quickly, and if you need me to try anything just let me know.

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Problem was solved.
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Interesting, nothing on our end shows that there is a issue. 

Any chance you can run a 'tracert files.minecraftforge.net' command and post the output.

So we can know where it's breaking down.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Alright, here it is:



Oh wait....

I just realized the auth server ended up getting blocked along with some other things while doing some tests with my HOSTS file... I fixed that and it worked perfectly. Now I feel like such an idiot. x____x


But thanks for helping me figure this out!

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