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    • The problem is, it only works in clientside, the id's on serverside are not the same
    • I'm not a mod author, per se, but I've got a couple mods I want to get working in 1.15.   https://github.com/dkowis/FoodFunk/tree/1.15.2-beepdog and it's dependency: https://github.com/dkowis/WumpleUtil/tree/1.15.2-beepdog   As it stands, I'm building on the shoulders of Giants, as I've only just been able to make it compile.   The hardest part for me is figuring out what happened to the ChestModel class. It vanished in 1.15, and searching this forum for "ChestModel" gives me 4 (!) posts. My Google-fu is failing me, either I don't know the right words to search for, or this was truly a rarely used model. Any advice on how to migrate away from the 1.14 ChestModel class, and use something that works in 1.15? I assume it's got something to do with rendering, and maybe I could wing it if I could see an example.   Thanks in advance!
    • Welcome to Persistent Worlds 2020 A hardcore medieval roleplay server.   This is an entry thread to introduce you to what to expect from this server (once it comes live) Persistent Worlds is a server that first started in 2011. Although it has seen some major changes and downtimes, it was always characterized by a small, tight knit community of people who enjoy living in a medieval world. Unlike most servers, it was never "top heavy", much of what made it so great was that the community took charge. I am hoping that all of the years of strong storytellers and friends could amalgamate into a new and unique server experience. What I see as the most significant qualities of this version of PW: 1. A stronger focus on medieval survival, requiring community effort to prosper from low to high levels. 2. Slow but valuable story progression (within the settlements mechanic) 3. A great deal of new features to keep players engaged during roleplay downtimes. This time around it will use a custom Mod Pack through the technic launcher with plenty of new medieval roleplay and realistic features. Current Modlist If you are interested in playing with us, Please look at the Getting Started section and then the Rules and Features section, so that you will know what to expect when the server goes live. This date is set to be Friday, November 6.
    • I think I got it worker. I saw on another post that a team member suggested a Jar fixer. I installed the one they recommended and it worked. It is installing now. So thank you for your time!   New computer problems  
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