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Jetpack charge resetting


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I've implemented a simple Jetpack in my mod, which utilizes the damagevalue of the item to hold it's batterycharge.
The majority of the code is executed client-side, since it requires KeyInput from the player, hence I update the charge drained on the server with a custom Packet.
However, at seemingly random times, the charge of the item is reset to a higher value, for seemingly no reason. (Only tested during Multiplayer-play.)

Something that might be related is the fact that I sometime get a "ByteBuf.release() was not called before it's garbage-collected.", which I've been unable to find the reason for.

Code: https://github.com/44tim44/BetterThanElectricity_1.12.2
The jetpack itself is in item>ItemJetpack.java

The jetpack-packet is in network/PacketToServerJetpack.java


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I thought I was handling the packet on the main thread by using

serverPlayer.getServerWorld().addScheduledTask(() -> {
	//Insert code here


So basically, in ItemJetpack, the only thing that should happen inside

	//Insert code here

is sending a packet saying "Space is pressed"
and let onMessage() handle everything?



Okay, nevermind.
I just do it like I did before, but let the packet handle the decreasing of the charge, instead of settingCharge to what is clientSide.


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3 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

I am not sure why I missed that...


That should be alright. Just don't trust the client ;)

I do think my main problem, for the bug itself, was the fact that I didn't have a unique id when registering the Packet&Handler. *facepalm*

But I still get "ByteBuf.release() was not called before it's garbage-collected." in my stacktrace from time to time.
Is that because of something I did wrong? Because I can't find anyone else with the same problem on google (relating to minecraft).

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