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[1.12.2] Proper way to transport player across dimensions?

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I have a command that teleports a player to another player and in that, I make a check to see if the player is in the same dimension as the other one, and if not, I call EntityPlayer::changeDimension();

This seems to teleport the player fine, but it causes a weird desync with the client. The mod is server side only, as it's only a commands mod and I don't want to make my players have to download anything additional. The client acts like it doesn't know it moved to a new dimension. It sees everything in the new dimension fine, but other players can't see the one who teleported and the client has to relog into the server to be able to see items they dropped. I assume I need to send the client some sort of update packet, but I can't find anything in EntityPlayer for updating beside the EntityPlayer::sendPlayerAbilities() which wouldn't do what I want.


Any tips?

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