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DecorativePack Mod ~ WIP ~ Searching Coders!


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                                      For your Decorative Stuff.   


                        Searching for Coders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!




This mod adds a lot of new decorative blocks and items. It is not just a regular mod, like most decorative mod types, it will have a theme, for example modern and medieval. Currently the MedievalPack is

being made, which is the first one.



It will have new resources such as trees that generate. It is not like taking a Vanilla recipe and put a Iron Ingot into it and you have a New Recipe + Block.


My style is different. It will add new Machines + Gui`s to the game. Along with the machines, there will be animations, particles and of course sounds.






Some of the Terrain that i made Allready!:



A nice ItemSheet, not much Items YET:





Stealthgert - Owner/Lead Texture Maker



Searching for a Coder:


If you`re a coder and interested, Then you can add me on skype.

Skype name: stealthgert

Hope to speak you soon!

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I can code, and i've set up an eclipse environment for MC, but what do you need help with? and do you have screenshots of a release of this mod to show where your going?

also, nujum.key on skype, at your service

Communication is a vital tool, in the game industry you won't go anywhere without it. People are either going to learn to talk, or move on.

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