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Is going to be a new mod compltely and uttly devoted to science. Its in its realy realy early stage of development. But it will have a massive amout of content heres a breif list

  • The elements of the periodic table
  • deferent dimensions
  • realsitic electrity, and small to lage scale power generators and power plant that are costummisable (size, shape)
  • scientific reasaech
  • multiblock struckers
  • some crazy science fiction and real devices
  • heaps of ore e.g.
    • aluminium
    • lead
    • copper
    • tin
    • zinc
    • and more

    [*]machines e.g.

    • cetrafuge
    • bunsen buner
    • electroliser
    • and more

    [*]and of corse a TON more

The release date iss unkown and probly won't be out for a while. The textures may not be good becase im treable at the but you can send me texture and i might replace my textures with yours. i will give you credit of corse



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Also some background infomation

[*]i'm an ok programer so not amazing but maby i will be (so may need some help)

[*]minecraft 1.3 realy stuffed me up so the mod went back to scact before it was realesed

[*]this has been planned for a while so since minecraft 1.1

and if any one is willing to help can just post a reply. also if anyone knows some good programers (e.g. chickenbones, eloram) or just ok programers can you ask them to help me. its your and theres opption you don't have to.

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