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Load mods from another folders


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Inspired by MMD, i uploaded my modpack (well, at least with the public mods) in GitHub.

For sake of organization i separated the client-only (clientmods) and server-only (servermods) mods from the ones which can run in both (the proper mods folder). So now i have three folders with mods, and i want to know if is possible to make forge read mods from one of these additional folders, if user is running the client minecraft it should load mods and clientmods; if in a dedicated server mods and servermods.


I know there was a file which allows the dedicated server to load mods in another locations, but after extensive searches on google and here i cant find anything related.


If this is possible, i could just clone the git repository and use it as my game directory, which should speed a lot development and tweaking the pack.


If someone thinks i'm thinking bullshit please advice me how i could better manage my modpack without the need to copy-paste folders everytime between the repository and the game directory.


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks. In the docs is said:


is a list of maven specified mod locators, stored in maven directory format under said repository root.

How can i get this maven-like locators for each mod? I have in clientmods things like optifine (yeah, i know...) and Xaeros Minimap and dont think they are open-source...

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I'm very dumb making this. From what the examples show, i need to place each mod in subfolders under the desired root folder (clientmods in case).


"cpw/mods/ironchest/ironchest/1.7.10-6.1.10/ironchest-6.1.10-universal.jar" and "appeng/appliedenergistics2/rv1-stable-1/appliedenergistics2-rv1-stable-1.jar" for example

I also tried to use --mods parameter but realized reading other topics this argument wont work in the launcher.

So no chance to setup a structure like this?

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This is basically the clientmods folder, which i want to make all jars to load using mod_list.json.




Actually a 'dirt' hack sparkled in my mind: basically, since i dont use the mod-specific version folder (aka mods\1.12.2), i actually symlinked my clientmods with it (and filtered with .gitignore). Since this is only for local developement (anyone who downloads the pack will be instructed to actually move the contents of clientmods /servermods into mods) i think this is good.


I just hope Lex wont remove this feature for 1.13 :P

Anyway thanks for the help diesieben07!

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