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  1. Hi all! First of all, sorry for posting it here. I really dont know where can i go (since its a vanilla problem not related to Forge), so i came here in General Discussion to try to see if somebody had this same issue and/or someone could help me. Recently i stumble across this tutorial on Reddit showing how to use a TTF file as a font for Minecraft using Resource Packs. Then i tried to follow the steps to make my custom font resource pack, using duralith as TTF font. But when i activate the resource pack (in a instance with Forge 31.1.18), i got a strange crash and a log file in the root of the profile folder instead of logs or crash reports. So i tried to activate the resource pack, this time in vanilla Minecraft and using comic.ttf (Comic Sans MS from Windows 10) as a test, and again it wont load. This time i managed to got the crash file and uploaded in GIST, here's the link. Never see this kind of error log before. I'm trying to run MC on a laptop with a i7-5500U, and as GPU both Intel HD Graphics 5500 and a Radeon R5 M230 as a render card.
  2. Disagree, putting any bukkit-based code on Forge is almost guaranteed to be a instant copyright infringement (remember it was DCMA'd not long ago, Spigot is just working in gray area to keep it updated). Forge itself is good enough for small physical server-only mod mods, and if you want to stack another solution on top of Forge (just to feel more dangerous to run a server) use Sponge.
  3. I currently manage my modpack putting client-only mods in a separate folder and symlink it to mods\<version> (eg. mods\1.12.2). But doing it on Forge for 1.13.2 didnt work. Is this going to be deprecated? Is there any options for dev unsavvy modpackers to load mods from other folders?
  4. Just to let you know, all Forge 1.13.x installers are breaking any profile name with accents. Some screenshots (from the original "new" Mojang launcher (v2.1.2474)): Before: After running the installer:
  5. Thanks Cadiboo for the answers (dont know why the forum doesnt notificate me before)! After so much pain in replacing Bukkit i will not risk to rely on Rift mods in my modpack, so will stick on Forge 1.12.x until 1.13 comes and, just for sake of curiosity, i will test Fabric and ComputerCraft for 1.14 snapshots.
  6. Just venting off some thoughts i have after reading about the release of yet another modloader, Fabric, this time for 1.14 (snapshots) - just asked the same thing on FTB Reddit too... Wouldn't all that new modloaders (Rift for 1.13, Fabric for 1.14) fragmentate the modding community as time goes on? Not only on different software, but also in versions (one modloader per version, etc)... Forge is going through a challenging time by all those changes necessary for future updates, and its very solid and capable, plus this isnt the first time devs needed more time to work in an update. But this scenario (others trying to make alternative modloaders with such voracity) never happened before, at least what such strength (liteloader was a lonely happening in 1.6). Should i, as a modded player, be worried about all of this? From what i read in Fabric release on FTB reddit, they arent sure it will be compatible with Forge at all. And for the modders on the forum: did you think people will "return" to Forge as soon new builds came off? Anyway, thanks to open the space for us to talk about...
  7. Keeping MCreator-generated code in private to stay secure.........................................
  8. OR if you had some patience and don't need the fancy functionality from said mod (just the backpack system) you could just install Baubles and this mod who let you equip Shulker Boxes in the bauble's chestplate slot, and setting up a hotkey to open it like a backpack. For easy access to shulker boxes (by default you need to kill shulkers on the End) you can use CraftTweaker (or a datapack when 1.13 modding is out) to add shulker shells to a loot table like junk fishing, or create (with CT too) a recipe with accessible materials for this. But anyway just a random idea, imo more close to vanilla due to use of a existing block.
  9. And i think that is the only good way to add recipes AND be nice to modpackers, because in 1.13 datapacks will be able to tweak/override advancements and recipes using JSON. And i honestly dont know if recipes/advancements added via code can be touched by the new system.
  10. Or the vanilla structure block system, if the building isnt too large (i think .nbt structures are cross-compatible, right?).
  11. 1.7 > 1.12 i think is too much complex, but for 1.11 > 1.12 besides McJty, SquidDev did temporarialy a compat injection for ComputerCraft while dan200 didnt opened the source code. You can talk with him on Computer Mods server (if you want i can send the inivitation link via DM).
  12. O̶r̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶J̶E̶I̶ EDIT: I'm a stupid person. Sorry.
  13. Dont know about legality, but Ganymedes did this before (but seems like he retired from modding)...
  14. Didnt know Cadiboo speak portuguese
  15. Try This Forge build fixes the issue.
  16. Fixed on 2764. Mods can close this please. And thank you!
  17. I tried to post a more clear comparision between 2760 and 2763: 2760: 2763: Honestly its hardly reproducible using gifs or images. I hope someone can reproduce following the steps i provided above.....
  18. Just forgot to say the steps to reproduce that: Get 2763; Setup a fresh profile (i literally created the folder and pointed it to be the profile on launcher) Launch Minecraft and create a new world in Large Biomes with Creative mode; Wait the world to load propely, when you try to move you will see the unusual stuttering in action. I didnt see that, sorry.
  19. I think this was only briefly mentioned on this topic, so i decided to create a proper topic for this. Since build 2761 i experienced an abnormal stuttering when walking, this doesn't happen on previous builds. Its hard to properly document this since i have a "normal" lag when playing (my hardware isn't that good) but i tried the best making a video: The stuttering is best viewed when i ran away from the chest at 0:07 to 0:10. And of course both logs from my logs folder: https://gist.github.com/vpontin/9d63bd01da71eb13e6c6770f9094c612
  20. Keeping your server playerbase playing a 4-year-old outdated version because of "PVP" BS (instead of just using the mod i've linked to revert the combat) is at the verge to be dishonest, there's a lot of features you are denying them to play because a single "issue".
  21. I think those builds are far more "unstable" than the ordinary developement builds (thats the real meaning of the bug icon beside the build) due to new patches added from PaperMC. So perharps thats why the devs choose to not mark them as dev builds. Since i'm not a dev perharps this is all bs. If yes, sorry.
  22. As a side note: this have a very deep meaning for the ending.....
  23. Okay, but with this mentality and language you will not have any support here i think...
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