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[1.12.2] How to create a teleporter to a custom dimension


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Hey guys,


I'm not posting any code because that's not what I'm having trouble with.

Here's my issue: I have successfully created a new dimension and it works properly. I can teleport there using an item and teleport back (although it crashes when teleporting to and fro because of an unrelated issue that would be solved if I can solve this issue.). I would like to be able to create a structure that the player has to interact with (like the nether portal) but made out of something else other than obsidian, but you still have to light it to "activate" it. I'd then like that portal to teleport the player to my custom dimension and have it create a portal of the same type (not a nether portal) at the "same" location in my dimension so the player can leave. 


Basically, a Nether Portal to another dimension made out of different materials is what I'd like to achieve.


As far as I can tell, I have two options: Don't create a teleporter, or create a CoreMod... The WorldServer class by default uses the vanilla teleporter class, thus when you call the Entity.changeDimension function, it get's the current WorldServer's teleporter type and creates a new teleporter of that type, which happens to be a Nether Portal. Thus when I call the Entity.changeDimension function, it creates a nether portal in the dimension I'm leaving and the custom dimension I'm going to. I want a custom teleporter to be created instead but I don't think that's possible.


I've looked into the possibility of creating my own WorldServer class that has the teleporter I want, however that won't affect the Overworld or the Nether. Only my dimension (thus a nether portal would still be created in whatever dimension I'm coming from.)

If I used CoreMod stuff instead, I could override the WorldServer class with the proper fields, but that would also require overriding the Entity.ChangeDimension function and a few other things as well.


What would you suggest I do? Or is there an easier way to do what I want? Is there a way to change the players dimension without it creating a nether portal in both dimensions?



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