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Lighting the area around the player


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One of my friends saw me making mods and asked me to make him a mod which adds a mining helmet to light up the area around him when he's mining. I'm not that experienced with this kind of stuff, i'm assuming it's some stuff in the tick handler, but my early guesses using the "player.worldobj.setLightValue(" method have proved unsuccessful so i was wandering if you lovely people would be able to help.


P.S. i had a look in the dynamic lights src but to me it currently seems like gobbledygook and i cant identify the necessaries parts.

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problem with minecraft light system is, only blocks can emit light. greg's tech has similar think to what you want. it's solved by spawning and removing invisible blocks which emit light, but it can't be done too often or it starts to lag (computing of lighting is quite demanding).

mnn.getNativeLang() != English

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