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Capability sharing

lyn mimistrobell

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It's my understanding that one of the key benefits of the Capability system is that other mods can provide the Capability you designed - is that right?


So far I've discovered that Forge provides  Capability<IAnimationStateMachine>, Capability<IEnergyStorage>, Capability<IFluidHandler>, Capability<IFluidHandlerItem> and Capability<IItemHandler>. I suspect many people have created their own Capabilities by now and I'm sure some (almost) duplicate Capabilities exist out there.


Perhaps we should be sharing and documenting Capabilities rather than each invent our own. For example, I created Capability<IFuelHandler> which provides basic furnace functionalities related to remainingBurnTime, initialBurnTime, etc. I can imagine a number of implementations; e.g. one that provides the vanilla Furnace implementation, one (that I made) that provides higher burnrates (with more FE/t) for "higher" fuels (coke, buckets of lava, etc.), etc.


Is there any kind of sharing for Minecraft (other than bitbucket) "snippets" like Capabilities, GUI helpers (haven't we all made one?), etc.?



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