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Markd315's mods [1.4.7, will be 1.5]


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For more info, check out: THIS


1.4.7 versions (prior versions availible on above link)





Also:  INFINITECRAFT MOD PACK (made including my own mods, but also without permission from all modders, if this is not okay, please edit it out)






Downloads are adf.ly.  Click the skip ad button, not something else, or you might get a virus that I'm not responsible for.

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    • One of the mods has an invalid animation json - but this mod is not mentioned Start with GeckoLib and AzureLib and the mods requiring it If this works, add the rest of your mods one by one or in groups until you find the one, causing this issue
    • Your new LanguageManager() is not the language manager that is being used when you call Minecraft.getInstant().getLocale(). Minecraft.getLanguageManager().setSelected(code);  should work.  Can you show that code?
    • My game keeps crashing due to rendering overlay and blames either geckolib 4 or azurelib, does anyone know a fix? This is the error: https://paste.ee/p/X3tZ8
    • Hello, I got some code that won't register in Forge (MC=1.20.4), (FML=49.0.30) (It basically iterates through an array all supported Minecraft languages and picks at random one and reloads ResourceManager with it:     List<String> languageCountryCodes = new ArrayList<>(); Collections.addAll(languageCountryCodes, "af_za", "ara_sa", "ast_es", "aze_az", "bak_ru", "bar_de", "bel_by", "bul_bg", "bre_fr", "qbr_nl", "bos_ba", "cat_es", "ces_cz", "cym_gb", "dan_dk", "bar_at", "gsw_ch", "deu_de", "ell_gr", "eng_au", "eng_ca", "eng_gb", "eng_nz", "qpe", "eng_qabs_gb", "en_ud", "epo", "spa_ar", "spa_cl", "spa_ec", "spa_es", "spa_mx", "spa_uy", "spa_ve", "spa_es_an", "est_ee", "eus_es", "fas_ir", "fin_fi", "fil_ph", "fao_fo", "fra_ca", "fra_fr", "fra_de", "fur_it", "fry_nl", "gle_ie", "gla_gb", "glg_es", "haw_us", "heb_il", "hin_in", "hrv_hr", "hun_hu", "hye_am", "id_id", "ibo_ng", "is_is", "qis", "ita_it", "jpn_jp", "jbo", "kat_ge", "kaz_kz", "kan_in", "kor_kr", "ksh_de", "kw_gb", "lat_va", "ltz_lu", "lim_nl", "lmo_it", "lao_la", "qll", "lit_lt", "lav_lv", "lzh", "mkd_mk", "mon_mn", "zlm_my", "mlt_mt", "nhe_mx", "vmf_de", "msa_my", "mlg_mg", "mar_in", "nld_be", "nld_nl", "nno_no", "nob_no", "quc_latn_gt", "pol_pl", "por_br", "por_pt", "qya", "ro_ro", "qpr", "rus_ru", "srp_latn_rs", "srp_cyrl_rs", "swe_se", "slk_sk", "slv_si", "som_so", "sqi_al", "ckb_ir", "sr_sp", "swa_ke", "swh_tz", "tam_in", "tha_th", "tgk_tj", "uig_cn", "ukr_ua", "urd_pk", "uzb_uz", "ven_za", "cymr", "xho_za", "yor_ng", "yue_hk", "zho_hans_cn", "zho_hant_hk", "zho_hant_tw"); // Shuffle the list Collections.shuffle(languageCountryCodes); // Print one code at a time for (String code : languageCountryCodes) { LanguageManager languageManager = new LanguageManager(code); languageManager.onResourceManagerReload(TroubleshootingMod.getResourceManager()); System.out.println(Minecraft.getInstance().getLocale()); System.out.println(code); break; // Exit the loop after printing one code } Minecraft.getInstance().getLanguageManager().setSelected("bar_de"); also does not appear to be functional..   Kind regards, Ensamisten
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