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[1.12.2] Cannot spawn structure from schematic


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My mod will contain a lot of structures, and creating them all from code is quite a headache. Therefore I thought it would be a better idea to try and read and create the structures from a schematic file I got from MCEdit.

Sadly, with this code it always prints "Could not spawn structure", even though the file is in the correct location (I copy pasted them to make sure). The code comes from an items onItemUse method.

if(world instanceof WorldServer)
  	WorldServer worldServer = (WorldServer) world;
	MinecraftServer minecraftServer = worldServer.getMinecraftServer();
        TemplateManager templateManager = worldServer.getStructureTemplateManager();
        Template template = templateManager.get(minecraftServer, new ResourceLocation(Reference.ID, "templates/scp173"));

        if(template != null)
            template.addBlocksToWorld(worldServer, pos, new PlacementSettings());
        	System.out.println("Could not spawn structure");


EDIT: I also tried with both .nbt and .schematic extensions with no success


EDIT 2: Turns out the resource location was wrong. Because of the way the template manager loads files it tried to load "assets/structures/templates/scp173" in the above code. Simply removing "templates/" from the location fixed the error.

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