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DevourMC Staff Recruiting


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About Us

DevourMC is an upcoming faction server that will be released in a matter of weeks. We have decided to open up our Staff Applications to the public now that we are closing in on release. We have a great future planned for the server and we would like many of individuals to join us on this journey.

What Staff We Need


Our current staff team consists of 2 Owners and a manager. We are looking for staff members from all time zones. All the roles below are currently available for everyone to apply for. Keep in mind we do require past staff experience.



The Helper role can be thought of as a sort of Trial Mod role. The job of a helper is to ensure that the server is clean of hackers, and that chat isn't overrun by people breaking rules. as a helper, you will be able to temporarily ban hackers, for up to 7 days, as well as mute players who break rules in chat.


The next role is a Moderator. Moderators do basically the same thing as helpers, but on a more serious note. Moderators are able to resolve issues such as Base Glitching and deal with more serious rule breakers, by giving them permanent bans.
Sr. Moderator


As a Sr Moderator, your job is to deal with the most serious of offenses, such as Leaking of personal info, DDoSing, so on and so forth. You are seen as the top of the Moderation ladder and can deal with just about anything that is needed.


Administrators are hand picked by Management. These staff members not only help with the Moderation, but also ensure that staff is doing their jobs, and the server is running smoothly. Admins are able to assist the two Managers when needed and are seen as the last obtainable rank.



Age - The minimum age of becoming a staff member is 14

Time - You must be able to dedicate time to the server

Experience - Even if you don't have a lot, we look for people with some experience

Professionalism - We want out staff team to be professional at all times.

How to apply


To apply to become a staff member on DevourMC, simply visit our forums Here and create an account. You can then go to Staff Applications, and click on Apply for staff. This will take you to a forum to fill out. If you have any problems with this, feel free to contact me on our Discord which can be joined by simply clicking Here! 

What role will I get?


The management team will accept the majority of users as helpers, and allow them to climb the ladder by dedicating themselves to the server. However, we are in need of every position to be filled, so we will pick some people, depending on applications, to go straight into positions such as Moderator, Sr Mod or Admin.
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