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[1.12.2, Botania addon] I'm making an addon to re-add the Ring of the Aesir, and need to change a method in Botania itself.


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When the ring was removed, the methods "is<god>Ring(stack)" for each ring obviously stopped returning true for an Aesir Ring ItemStack. How can I change that back?

With the Odin ring I'm fine, and I haven't tried the Loki ring yet, but the Terra Shatterer code relies on "getThorRing(player)" which relies on "isThorRing(stack)". Do I need to learn how to use ASM, and use that to change the Botania files? Or is there another way?

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I'm not familiar that mod's source code. But it depends on how the value of that method is used. This ring is supposed to provide regeneration, right? So you can just replicate the effect by making a tick event handler and checking if the player is wearing the ring and then regenerate. It also gives some immunity effects, right? Then maybe you can figure out which events could be handled to create a similar effect.


Basically, just look at wherever the method is called and then see if there is an event which could be used to provide an equivalent effect. You might not be able to get it exactly like the original, but you could probably get pretty close.

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That's the Odin ring, you're right that it was very easy to recreate. The hard part is the Thor ring, which increases the range of the Terra Shatterer- the increase takes place in ItemTerraPick::breakOtherBlock, not in the code for the Thor Ring class. You can look at the code on github, Botania is open source.

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You could make a new item that extends the terra shatterer and override it in the registry

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