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SwiftWolf: New Age - 1.12.2 Community Modpack


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Join the community and build a society and have fun together!


The new age, we welcome you and your friends to take part in a new society and join us in making best experience possible with loads of fun to be had from defeating bosses in towers protecting a village from raiders and zombies and since this a new age we have become overrun and we need your help to protect us. The modpack offers great special features such as the ever changing generator for our server and single player worlds which allow the player to have a unique experience not known in any other modpack/server combo.


The main features of this modpack are the custom world generation and village generations that are generated for the users experience as the server changes and people explore more and more unique areas of the map this is important to what makes this project unique since it focuses it self around the players of the community.


We do like to share the great features but some features are made to be experienced such as the leader boards and the mob hunting plugins we have developed specially for the server. We also hold monthly giveaways of cosmetic items.


Why use the pack? Well i'll tell you why!

  • Great community driven modpack, The modpack was created with the idea around the community and we have been through many revisions of the pack and finally got an idea what people want and if there is anything the community wants our team can make it happen!
  • Great Support, We have 24/7 support team on hand on the server and via email plus live chat on our website is to be coming!
  • We also offer a 24/7 server with ever changing world and quests to complete and since the world generates new structures as our players explore the map it allows for a more exciting adventure battling creatures and taking on abandoned structures and towers.

Why do we make this experience for our players?

  • We create the best 24/7 community and experience for our players to feel safe and have fun playing with other players and helping each other to build a village or whatever the imagination takes you and due to nature of this project we push the players into working together to take on obstacles and raid ruined villages generated custom for our server only.
  • Since we have a lot of custom work developed server side we have been able make the modpack lighter and easier to run on any pc.
  • We design our modpacks because we have an idea of having an online community in a virtual world and this has been lost over the years. We are bit more old style in working together based around PvE not PvP.


To report an issue/suggestion please do not use curse-forge/twitch to report this please use our git-lab development page to report the issues and suggestions for this pack.





This pack is aimed to bring the full experience to MC 1.12! --> Optifine Installation is recommended! --> Download the .jar and drop it into the "mods" folder of this pack! --> Youre Good to go!


(We would like to include Optifine with the pack but this is not possible due to licensing.)


To be finalized and finished  but here are some great examples of what our pack includes!

 NOTE: None of these mods are created by myself, full credit to all mod authors.



You can find the modpack on both the Twitch/Curse launcher and on the Technic Launcher. Just search for SwiftWolf and you should see it called New Age!

We hope to see you apart of the community!



 One of our previous modpacks!





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