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Getting SoundType/Material from and to String


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Best Way for Deserializing and Serializing SoundType and BlockMaterials. I want the string to be simple as possible since The end user has to configure the string in order to change a block sound and or block material. I could have a registry between long strings to a readable name for users but, the main goal I hope to achieve is mod support for both block sounds and materials.

The issues are:

they are not required to be static
they are not enums so I can't get an array of them
no toString() I could make one using all values but, still can't get around other two issues
hard coding only vanilla would make mods incompatible for any modded material and sound type.
I see no possible way to grab the object besides iterating through all blocks in post init way after I am suppose to be registering the auto configurable blocks in preinit. 

Here is what I got so far but, it only supports vanilla period:

	 * Only supports vanilla
	public static Material getMat(String s)
		s = s.toUpperCase();
			return Material.AIR;
		else if(s.equals("ANVIL"))
			return Material.ANVIL;
		else if(s.equals("BARRIER"))
			return Material.BARRIER;
		else if(s.equals("CACTUS"))
			return Material.CACTUS;
		else if(s.equals("CAKE"))
			return Material.CAKE;
		else if(s.equals("CIRCUITS"))
			return Material.CIRCUITS;
		else if(s.equals("CARPET"))
			return Material.CARPET;
		else if(s.equals("CLAY"))
			return Material.CLAY;
		else if(s.equals("CLOTH"))
			return Material.CLOTH;
		else if(s.equals("CORAL"))
			return Material.CORAL;
		else if(s.equals("CRAFTED_SNOW"))
			return Material.CRAFTED_SNOW;
		else if(s.equals("DRAGON_EGG"))
			return Material.DRAGON_EGG;
		else if(s.equals("FIRE"))
			return Material.FIRE;
		else if(s.equals("GLASS"))
			return Material.GLASS;
		else if(s.equals("GOURD"))
			return Material.GOURD;
		else if(s.equals("GRASS"))
			return Material.GRASS;
		else if(s.equals("GROUND"))
			return Material.GROUND;
		else if(s.equals("ICE"))
			return Material.ICE;
		else if(s.equals("IRON"))
			return Material.IRON;
		else if(s.equals("LAVA"))
			return Material.LAVA;
		else if(s.equals("LEAVES"))
			return Material.LEAVES;
		else if(s.equals("PACKED_ICE"))
			return Material.PACKED_ICE;
		else if(s.equals("PISTON"))
			return Material.PISTON;
		else if(s.equals("PLANTS"))
			return Material.PLANTS;
		else if(s.equals("PORTAL"))
			return Material.PORTAL;
		else if(s.equals("REDSTONE_LIGHT"))
			return Material.REDSTONE_LIGHT;
		else if(s.equals("ROCK"))
			return Material.ROCK;
		else if(s.equals("SAND"))
			return Material.SAND;
		else if(s.equals("SNOW"))
			return Material.SNOW;
		else if(s.equals("SPONGE"))
			return Material.SPONGE;
		else if(s.equals("STRUCTURE_VOID"))
			return Material.STRUCTURE_VOID;
		else if(s.equals("TNT"))
			return Material.TNT;
		else if(s.equals("VINE"))
			return Material.VINE;
		else if(s.equals("WATER"))
			return Material.WATER;
		else if(s.equals("WEB"))
			return Material.WEB;
		else if(s.equals("WOOD"))
			return Material.WOOD;
		return null;
	public static SoundType getSoundType(String s)
		s = s.toUpperCase();
			return SoundType.ANVIL;
		else if(s.equals("CLOTH"))
			return SoundType.CLOTH;
		else if(s.equals("GLASS"))
			return SoundType.GLASS;
		else if(s.equals("GROUND"))
			return SoundType.GROUND;
		else if(s.equals("LADDER"))
			return SoundType.LADDER;
		else if(s.equals("METAL"))
			return SoundType.METAL;
		else if(s.equals("PLANT"))
			return SoundType.PLANT;
		else if(s.equals("SAND"))
			return SoundType.SAND;
		else if(s.equals("SLIME"))
			return SoundType.SLIME;
		else if(s.equals("SNOW"))
			return SoundType.SNOW;
		else if(s.equals("STONE"))
			return SoundType.STONE;
		else if(s.equals("WOOD"))
			return SoundType.WOOD;
		return null;


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2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Correct, there is no such registry.

Should I post a pull to forge even if the soundTypes are client only people should have to register them so other mods know what is and isn't there same with Block Materials. I would also say force resource location if it's going to be global since other mods might come up with the same name like "tropical" material

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