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Official Discord


Welcome to the official Minecraft Forum thread for Wild West Frontier.
Please feel free to add any feedback, suggestions, images or videos in
this thread.

About The Pack:
The server is based around the old west. It features open world pvp where
only spawn is safe. We use towny to encourage players to band together
and work as a team to protect themselves from bandits and prosper. We
have custom guns from the historic west including repeater rifles,
revolvers, shotguns and scoped rifles. To encourage PvP and raiding, the
servers uses physical based currency so players will have to ensure
their bases are secure! We make heavy use of the CustomNPCs mod to
provide a bank, shops and quests.

How To Play:



Playing on our server is easy and requires only a few steps no matter which way
you want to play. The recommended way is to use a launcher such as
Curse or Technic, however, you can also install the pack yourself.

To install using Technic (Recommended - this will always be up to date!).
1. Download the Technic client from: http://www.technicpack.net/download.
2. Install the client and log in with your minecraft account.
3. Now that you are logged in, click the modpacks tab.
4. In the search bar, type 'Wild West Frontier', click the pack on the left and press Install.
5. Hit play.

Having issues? Check out common problems and solutions here : Wild West - Common Issues
To install using Curse. (Warning, Curse is usually out of date after an update, they have a different submission system that requires a moderator to inspect all files)
1. Download the Curse client from: https://www.curse.com/download.
2. Install the client and log in with your curse account.
3. Now that you are logged in, there should be a minecraft icon on the left. Click that and press browse modpacks.
4. In the search bar, type 'Wild West Frontier' and press Install.
5. Hit play.


To install without a launcher.
1. Download forge version 1614.
2. Once you have forge set up (there are different ways to install it), download our files from our official project page here http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/wild-west-frontier.
3. Unzip the overrides folder into the root directory of minecraft. You should now be good to go!
Are these not working for you? Try our site's guide, it's always up to date! http://wildwest.retg.net/connection-guide/










Final Note:
Please let us know what you think of the server and post screenshots and videos.

We will reward people who create trailers/lets plays of the pack so make sure we know that you have done it!

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Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.23

- Updated multiple gun sounds
- Added Dynamic Surroundings
- Added SoundFilters
- Added Chatbubbles
- Added litemod
- Removed MC+ mods
- Fixed gunsmiths table, flintlock is now craftable.
- Doubled damage of sharps rifle
- Changed ammo type of sharps rifle to 45/70 and added it to gunsmiths.
- Increased default FoV
- Fixed henry (unscoped) reload
- Fixed scoped versions of henry/sharps being uncraftable.
- Added Morpheus serverside
- Added 4 new music tracks

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Wild West Frontier is an amazing Minecraft immersion into the dusty frontier lands of the American Wild West. You’ll find distinctive biomes reminiscent of the setting and filled with a rich plethora of unique flora and fauna, smoke-chugging trains crisscrossing the countryside, and lively settlements bustling with merchants, gunslingers, and a variety of quests.


Players have the opportunity to build homesteads and farm verdant crops, herd heads of cattle or other noisome livestock, dig the gold-rich mountains or pan the silver-laced streams, create dynamic towns or patch together a disreputable gang of bandits, trade with friends or raid enemies, or simply retire on a hillside and fish a bubbling creek…


It’s a server run by friendly, helpful, and active staff, and serves a congenial community rich with creativity and camaraderie. It is truly a satisfying gaming experience that’ll engage your mind and set free your spirit.

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