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Where can I find help with 1.7.10?


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Not that I know of. 1.7.10 is really old and you should update. If you are experiencing issues with mods contact their mod authors although most have either stopped modding altogether or dropped support for 1.7.10

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first thing i recommend to people is MBE series: https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample but that started with 1.8, i think.

then there are https://shadowfacts.net/tutorials/ and http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.rs/ (i think the later is where you can find some 1.7 good info). there are some advanced ones in tutorials section of this forum (especially regarding networking), but i doubt that's what you need.


now (slow hand wave): you will not search for tutorials on youtube.

seriously, don't go there. thousands of kids decided they're hot stuff and recorded modding tutorials. finding something good among the crap that will show you wrong would take more time than figuring everything out on your own.


if it's about something that has changed between 1.7 and 1.8, see if wuppy has what you need: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/19144-13-17-wuppys-modding-tutorials-jul-5-in-english-chinese-german-etc/ .  click on text tutorials or video tutorials there.


maybe browse through tutorials on mcf: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/mapping-and-modding-tutorials

or try the support subforum: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/modification-development (though this is the place to be, not there).


again, you will not search for tutorials on youtube. 

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One of the main reasons it’s not supported on these forums is to discourage people from using it. It’s really really old and I can’t think of any good reasons to keep using it. If u want a mod from 1.7 port it to the most recent version. You’ll learn modding along the way!

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Versions below 1.14.4 are no longer supported on this forum. Use the latest version to receive support.

When asking support remember to include all relevant log files (logs are found in .minecraft/logs/), code if applicable and screenshots if possible.

Only download mods from trusted sites like CurseForge (minecraft.curseforge.com). A list of bad sites can be found here, with more information available at stopmodreposts.org

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On 5/28/2018 at 9:32 PM, Cadiboo said:

One of the main reasons it’s not supported on these forums is to discourage people from using it. It’s really really old and I can’t think of any good reasons to keep using it. If u want a mod from 1.7 port it to the most recent version. You’ll learn modding along the way!

Most people, like me, use it because it was a lot less of a pain in the ass to implement capabilities, or as it was called Extended Entity Properties.


Though I that's really about it.

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