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1.12.2 onBlockActivated and extends of Block


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I've run into a few methods that have been removed/missing like onBlockActivated
From minecraft classes that extend the Block class such as...
Just for examples.

I'm kind of new to this so I figured I would ask what I am missing
before I drop back to the block class and reinvent the wheel.
Should I wait for 1.12.2 to mature more?

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Sorry, I had gotten into a brain loop and had started assuming based on experience from other work I'm doing that the code was there in 1.10. I had convinced myself that somewhere between 1.10 and 1.12 that the method was removed. If I had thought to look back at 1.10 source I would have realized my mistake. I even had the 1.10 source open in a window.

Thanks for the jolt, knocked me out of that endless loop. I've been running around in for hours.

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Apparently some people use it when they are not overriding anything. Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding. Like I said still learning.

In this case the author had a customTorch class that extends BlockTorch [a minecraft class] which of course extends Block [a minecraft class].

@Override was used on the onBlockActivated method in customTorch and of course as you say BlockTorch does not have the onBlockActivated method but Block does.

Most of what I have done has been fairly simple up to now and I have used @Override only when.. well overriding a method int a direct parent class.

Figured I need to go learn more on the subject.

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2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Here is your mistake. Overriding takes place whether the method comes from a direct superclass or a superclass "further up".

I see that now.  Makes sense. Believe it or not I have programmed in other languages switching to Java has been a bit different, when I quit getting in my own way I'll have it. I've already setup forge and source for mods from off-line, made simple changes and compiled jar files. This is mostly just a weekend hobby I'm trying to learn and I learn better by example, matching examples from real world [and current forge] to tutorials on-line is interesting to say the least.
Thanks for the help.

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