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Mobs that Change Over Time [Unsolved]


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My intention is to create a Mob that looks almost as if it "Evolves" over time. Let me elaborate a bit..


Imagine I already created a a mob that is tameable, that has the ability to mate, and out comes a baby mob.

Yay. A baby mob.


Now with this baby mob, it will eventually 'grow' to adult size. Right?

Well that is as far as I have... and I come to a halt.


My sole intention is to make it so that the baby mob will have multiple 'growth' stages.


Over time, the baby mob will turn into the adult size. I want the 'adult' mob to be another mob model entirely.

So in conclusion,

I have this mob.

It makes a baby mob.

After a while the baby mob turns into a whole different mob.

After a bit more time, the mob will turn into a completely different mob. And so forth.


I have a very good knowledgable guess as to what I have to implement to make this work. There is a part of the EntityWolf code that seems like I can use it for what I like, though I am unsure; but thats why I am here.


The reason I am posting this out to the forge community is for a very easy to understand interpretation, some form of help, or example, or something put together so that I can understand it enough to use it for the rest of my mobs. And you dont have to worry about me posting twice because I only learn once if I understand it & works.


Or you could do it the easy way and give me a slab of working code that relates to my post. Either way is fine.  ;)


(Note: I have already created 98% of the code for my mod, and will be sending the test version when I get the answers to my questions!)


Thank you for all of the future replies and what-not.

I am THE Yolju!

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Thank you for your reply&help robustus  :)


I also checked in the EntityAgeable file which seemed to have a bit more useful information regarding the subject. Although I do not seem to quite understand how to actually add multiple other new entities to the equation.


What I am trying to say is that I would really appreciate some form of example, now that I am very close to solving the case.

I am THE Yolju!

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Ok I had a look a little deeper for you, the creating a child entity is in Entity Animal (procreate).  Basically there is an age timer that is set that counts down which you can see in EntityAgeable.  Once the value goes into the negative it is no longer considered a child.  There's probably a few approaches for you to add another stage, but you could probably set up your own timer with multiple stages. 


Prob a quick root if you're not looking to do a lot of extra coding you can set the adult entity to be a completely new entity that's child state is your medium state or something like that.

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