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Vehicle of Player moved too quickly!


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I get this with my command /tpdim. I was trying to teleport the entity horse to another dimension the issue is the cheat system for the server thinks the horse should be at the orignal location after manually teleporting the horse and the player to the new location.

Steps to reproduce:
ride a horse
/tpdim @e[type=horse] ~ ~ ~100 0
have the console spit out vehicle moved too quickly or horse moved too quickly and sometimes the teleport doesn't even work

Command class 


how should I fix it where is the vehicle of the player captured coords or whatever so I can say this is the new coords to the player vehicle.

Attempt fix one failed due to packet sending in previous coords. If you look at the network class of the player on process vechile move it checks current and packet coords the client is sending previous coords and screwing everything up. it can be reproduced on regular teleport command

	 * work around for the shitty cheat detection system in vanilla
	public static void captureCoords(EntityPlayerMP player)
			NetHandlerPlayServer connection = player.connection;
			Entity lowest = player.getLowestRidingEntity();
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, null, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, "lowestRiddenEnt");
			if(lowest == null)
				lowest = player;
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posX, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenX);
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posY, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenY);
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posZ, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenZ);
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posX, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenX1);
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posY, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenY1);
			ReflectionUtil.setObject(connection, lowest.posZ, NetHandlerPlayServer.class, FieldAcess.lowestRiddenZ1);
		catch(Throwable t)


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On 5/24/2018 at 1:46 PM, jredfox said:

seems like it's a packet issue with the client the fix for this is asm if anything since there are no work arounds the check just needs to be remvoed

Do you have a GitHub? From your posts you appear to be doing some pretty crazy stuff to poor Minecraft and I’m wondering what the entire project looks like

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My Discord - Cadiboo#8887

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10 hours ago, Cadiboo said:

Do you have a GitHub? From your posts you appear to be doing some pretty crazy stuff to poor Minecraft and I’m wondering what the entire project looks like

yes they are pretty advanced if you take a look at the links it's part of the github respiratory feel free to use Evil Notch Lib in your own mods via dependency. If you take a look at FeildAcess.java it shows you how to use MCPMappings Api which you give a class and deob field name then it will produce the right string based on the dev environment 

It appears it's the client that's the issue client is like here is old coords server says new coords don't match packet try and freak out. Even draconic evolution has this issue as well as vanilla. The proper fix would be to disable the checks on server side for good on both the vehicles the horses and the players. Of course leaving old checks like flying though. As for now I am leaving EvilNotch Lib ASM free right now but, if you want to get in on this and help me that would be great just msg me

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