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Using Forge Gradle with Custom Source Sets?


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I was wondering whether it is possible to setup custom source sets apart from the default (main, test, api). For example, if I was creating a mod which was made of multiple different modules (like Buildcraft and their modules), could I have each module on a different source set but then when I run the game when testing, it would load all of the modules together?


Thanks in advance for any replies, hopefully this makes sense :D. 

If this is not possible, if anyone could advise any alternatives other than creating new mod dev environments.


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Yea I have done something similar to this using git modules. Open blocks does this as well you can take a look on their Github.

Set up the git module so the sub project is in the main projects root directory and then add the following to the corresponding files.


Main build.gradle 

dependencies {
compile project("Sub-Project-Name")

Main settings.gralde

rootProject.name = "Project-Name"
include ":Sub-Project-Name"

Sub Project settings.gradle

dependencies {
rootProject.name = "Sub-Project-Name"


Let me know if you have any more questions.

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