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Crafting recipe with minecraft materials not showing


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bone_meal is not an item that exists in minecraft.

You want minecraft:dye with a metadata value of 15


Second, if you have entirely blank lines and collumns in your recipe, omit them, otherwise your recipe can't be crafted at any location in the crafting grid, but are instead forced into the corner.

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Apparently I'm a complete and utter jerk and come to this forum just like to make fun of people, be confrontational, and make your personal life miserable.  If you think this is the case, JUST REPORT ME.  Otherwise you're just going to get reported when you reply to my posts and point it out, because odds are, I was trying to be nice.


Exception: If you do not understand Java, I WILL NOT HELP YOU and your thread will get locked.


DO NOT PM ME WITH PROBLEMS. No help will be given.

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Tried running through with that, but it still doesn't seem to work. I tried messing with my chalk block recipe and it comes across with the same issues. It functions normally when I'm using the modded items, but as soon as I add a single minecraft base item it stops. 



Edit: Figured I should place this to make sure I'm not being silly and messing up, this is how I did the metadata, I may have gotten it wrong.


"item": "minecraft:dye", "data":15


Edit 2: I've found out that for some reason leaving any row blank or not having it is causing it to also not show up for some reason. I'm really baffled by what's going on.


Edit 3: I figured out the problem, I forgot a comma during the key definitions. Whoops.

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