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Add event that triggers when player takes an item from a container


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This event would be called something along the lines of ItemTakeEvent, and is fired when the player tries to click on an item to move it to a different slot. It should be cancellable, and should pass the EntityPlayer and the ItemStack. I already made a fork and implemented the feature, but when I made a pull request I was notified that the way I did it would probably hinder with some mods' functions.

Here is an example showing how one might use the new Event:

public class FilterEventHandler {
	public void onItemTake(ItemTakeEvent event) {
		// Stop the player from being allowed to acquire TNT through an inventory.
		if (event.getItemStack().getItem().getRegistryName().toString().equals("minecraft:tnt")) {


The reason I thought of this event because I am currently making a mod called InventoryFilter that allows you to write a list of regular expressions. All items that would go into your inventory are compared against this filter either as a whitelist or blacklist. I already have item pickups filtered, but when trying to filter taking items from inventories, I found out there was no event readily made for that.

Hope this can be implemented!

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