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I was running a cratfbukkit server but as i needed to run mo' creatures I have had to switch to the standard server and mod loader and forge it up.


It is now up an running.. apart from the inability to dig on a remote machine - i can dig on my local machine - not sure what is missing on the client for that one...


What i wanted to ask was if you can suggest any good mods to install for my forge server.




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There is a mile long list of good mods.

Universal electricity - SMP is not 100% yet but it has a lot of good addons coming up

ComeCloser - if you start doing pvp or just want to hide. Though you might have to wait for an update.

Guardsman - if you need fort protector NPC from both players and monsters

Buildcraft - if you want to automate some of you item movement and building

Industrial Craft - If you want to player with electricity, jetpacks, and power tools

Simple Commands - adds some basic SMP commands like /sethome /home /spawn

Simple permissions - needed for simple commands and is like bukkit rank system

Flans planes - Have not checked up on it but its a great mod last i checked for flying around

Creeper Fix - hate creepers blowing up stuff its almost needed. I'll attach my version too this :) just place it in your minecraft_server.jar


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