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Unable to join my own modpacks server


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So I created a server pack for my modpack and ran it no problem, removed all client mods from the server itself.

I was able to join... once.


But when I left the game and relaunched the game, it just stops letting me join, giving me the error:

"exceptionjava.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"


I've tried searching for this issue and tried the fixes they gave, nothing. I searched through every issue I could find that had the same error and nothing was able to help.


I've tried seeing if there's any more client mods hiding in the server, (aside from ctgui which is just a part of crafttweaker, nothing.)

I've tried updating my server pc and my main pc.

I've tried updating java on my server pc (java on my main is already up to date).

I've tried disabling firewall and/or antivirus on both pcs, nothing.


Here's the latest server log

Here's the latest log from my client


Please someone point me in the right direction to fix this, I'm just completely out of ideas at this point.

(and if this isn't the correct place to try to get help, please tell me where the correct place would be as I'm just unsure at this point)

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9 hours ago, MDW01 said:

Have you tried restarting your computer? Sometimes something gets stuck running on a port restarting closes all the connections.

Yes I have, it works but only once. Once I leave the server, by either timing out, crashing or just leaving, if I try and join again it just gives the same error again. 

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