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Cascading Worldgen Lag


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My mod doesn't add any world gen I commented out both my event handlers on tick and I was still getting that error message when loading a new chunk in the nether. I also don't have any chunk events nor do I manually load any chunks with the exception of an in game command that doesn't even execute when the issue occurs since I never ran that command. I do edit some methods with asm but, again they have nothing to do with chunks. I also disabled my ASM , forge Tick Events and it was still having the same errors



[23:32:24] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: Evil Notch Lib loaded a new chunk (93, 43  Dimension: -1) during chunk population, causing cascading worldgen lag. Please report this to the mod's issue tracker. This log can be disabled in the Forge config.

Here is my repository:

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12 hours ago, loordgek said:

where is your world gen code ? reading helps

I have no worldgen code whatsoever it just randomly spams my mod loaded a chunk when clearly I don't call it myself.


It seems to happen in the nether only?

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20 hours ago, m00nl1ght said:

An easy way to find the source of 'cascading generation lag' warnings is to set a breakpoint in Chunk#logCascadingWorldGeneration(). Then run Minecraft in debug mode and when the warning is logged, you can look at the stacktrace.

yeah but, again I have no code with worldgen or chunk loading code. Is this a bug on my part or is there something wrong with forge then blames my mod.

I suppose I could trace it but, I don't see anything yet that would do with my code? Maybe it just blames the last called mod container rather then seeing the actual culprit for the chunk load?

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On 7/16/2018 at 3:38 AM, diesieben07 said:

Do what @m00nl1ght said, it is the only way to find out what is happening. Randomly speculating is not helpful.

has nothing to do with the code itself of my library. 

I found out what the issue is: the issue is I was naming the same package and class name of an already existing class and somehow that loaded chunks and then blamed my mod container for it for the PlayerList.class. So I don't know what happened why it's doing it but, take the PlayerList decompiled out for the mdk asm and it no longer appears to printline my mod for chunk loading?

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