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setupDecompWorkspace and genIntellijRuns are not working


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im using the latest version of forge at the moment for 1.12.2, im just re writing my mod....
ive done this many times before and never had this issue.
i have no external libraries and or anything in the run folder
steps i take when making  an environment
1) make folder

2) add mdk to folder, then extract the mdk (currently using "forge-1.12.2-")

3) double click build.gradle

    deselect "create seperate module per source set" because i do not need more than one.

    set jdk to the proper 1.8.0_172

    click ok

4) project opens in intellij and i open the gradle on the right then select the setupDecompWorkspace and edit the vm to be 1gig to 7 gigs
then runit, then it says no errors.

5) go back to folder and run the dradlew.bat (only need to do this once, but i did it every time i make the environment.)

6) return to intellij and configure the genIntellijRuns then run it and no errors, yet i have no run files or minecraft libraries.

im confused, ive never had this problem.

video of me showing you what i am talking about, although i cant post logs for i have none...

minecraft modded environment without the environment...

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that was an instance that i had already setup, i did refresh when i set it up, i just remade my instance and the run folder wasnt showing anything, its not a lack of knowledge on my part (for once). before i left for work, i redid the whole thing and i still didnt have a run folder or the minecraft libraries, then i ran minecraft.exe and the folder showed up. i did the install in the exact order that the forge forums says this time for sure. no way of doing things different because i read from top to bottm, i did not do anything different than i normally would so thats a relief.

my folder was empty, untill i tried running minecraft. i mean in intellij and in the mod environment folder. the refresh icon on the gradle panel does jackshit after i sync the gradle project. and it still does nothing if i only refresh and do not sync the project.
the libraries and minecraft run folder only show up when ive tried to run minecraft.

sorry for the delay in messaging, i fell asleep in my chair not long after the post.
i believe my intellij is messed up and im going to reinstall it when i get home.
i only have 2 hours a day i can be at the computer, kinda wish i had more spare time. more if i dont sleep.

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