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How to build, install, and test?


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My dad and I are trying to learn modding, following the tutorials on the wiki.  We think we have Minecraft Forge (latest version, downloaded two days ago) installed (Mac OS X), though it's hard to be sure because we haven't seen any changes in Minecraft's behavior.  We got Eclipse installed and running OK, and the code doesn't generate any errors.


So... now what?  How do we actually build, install, and test the new mod?  The tutorial doesn't seem to say.


In case it matters, we haven't installed any mods before, and don't use any mod manager.  We've tried googling for answers, but nobody explains what to do... maybe it's obvious to everyone but us.  :)


Thanks for any info!


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you need to know a language called java.

I reccomend these tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=ECFE2CE09D83EE3E28

after you learn java.....

you need to learn the API.


Yes, Java isn't a problem (I already know C# and my mom and dad know Java).  And the API seems easy enough.  It's just: once I've written correct code, how do I actually put that into Minecraft so I can use it?


There's just that step or two we're missing.  "Find these files here, drag them there, and restart Minecraft" or something...

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this awesome guy does tonnnes of tutorials from how to install to how to add your own mob :)



Thank you! 

showed what we were missing... after saving your file, you have to click the little green "Run" button!  This launches Minecraft with your mod installed.


See, it was obvious to everybody but us!

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